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If you’ve been arrested for DUI in Georgia, you are likely facing a police investigation, license suspension, court appearance, job loss, rising insurance costs, and/or the possibility of jail time. DUI is a specific practice area that requires specialized understanding of the laws, the tests used as alleged evidence, the practices and policies of law enforcement officers, and the court system.

After a DUI arrest, it is vital that you obtain an attorney who understands how to properly defend your DUI case and can assist you every step of the way. Freeman Law Firm is cognizant of how solicitors and prosecutors work and we use this knowledge and insight to your benefit.

How We Will Help You Fight your Case

Freeman Law Firm understands that every case is unique and will need a specific strategy to be successful. There are specific ways a DUI can be defended, and Freeman Law Firm has used the following successful techniques:

  • Representing clients at their ALS hearing to obtain important evidence on which to build your criminal case (as well as help you maintain your driving privileges).
  • Challenging any violations of clients constitutional rights, like failure to have reasonable suspicion to pull you over and improper search and seizure of your person or property.
  • Challenging field sobriety tests,
  • Challenging breath tests,
  • Challenging blood tests,
  • Filing motions requesting the court to suppress evidence or exclude witness testimony.
  • Using police reports to identify key pieces of information and challenge police officers recollections and proper administration of the law.
  • Challenging witness testimony, including the testimony of police officers.

If you were arrested for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, Freeman Law Firm can help you stand up for your rights in court. Let us put our experience and knowledge to work for you!

The Freeman Law Firm Difference

When it’s time to decide on an attorney to represent you in your DUI case, experience, and knowledge matter. Attorney Cheryl Freeman has an abundance of both. As a solicitor, she is proficient in both prosecution and defense tactics and uses this unique understanding to provide compassionate, smart, and efficient representation to her clients. Contact Freeman Law Firm today for your initial consultation.